Struggle of the human waistline…

Tackling weight gain is not something we should pay attention to only in mid-life. From childhood itself, the need for a healthy and active lifestyle should become the norm.

The Millets Story

The International Year of Millets will hopefully increase consumption of millets in India, and the world. This demand would have potential to generate livelihoods, increase farmers’ income and ensure food and nutritional security, not only in India but also in other parts of the world. 

Timing is everything

We often observe and discuss the abnormally hot summers, the sudden heavier thundershowers, and the shorter colder winters. We need to understand that climate change, apart from making day to day living difficult, is also affecting the timing of life cycles in living things around us

When the virus strikes…

If there is one thing I learnt during this sickness is that unless we become kind and compassionate towards one another, going forward, this period is going to become increasingly difficult to navigate.

The Holy Gluttony!  

While most trips are a detox for the mind, try Amritsar to shock your system and reinvigorate the taste buds that have been dampened by standardized and cosmopolitan tastes. Could this be the new mantra for rejuvenation? Well, Amritsar will give you ample food for thought…