Never a disconnect – audio book

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Lodhi Garden – evening walks….

Last week, as I walked in Lodhi Garden with a full moon keeping me company in a winter evening, despite the Delhi air being of ‘poor’ quality, I tried to understand what about it is so enchanting.

Room with a view

Standing at the glass panes is a de-stressor for me. In the expanse spread out before me I see so many things – observe new facets of the city. Traffic weaves it way in the roads below, life gushes forth everyday as people mill the streets, and birds encircle the sky.

Let my batteries charge

People seem to have lost their sense of proportion. Interactions are losing quality and an age of ‘impressionists’ has begun. This artificiality of relating to each other through verbosity, ‘forwardosity’ and ‘instantisity’ through a click is upsetting. It has dehumanized and brutalized us.

End year musings

I guess, at last I have understood why it is important to celebrate the dawn of the New Year. Whatever day, month or time it is – all cultures and parts of the world have their new year demarcated.

Autumn Musings

It is that time of the year when one yearns to sit and sip a cup of tea with an old and dear friend. Hold a hand that promises comfort and engagement. Its a time when longings and desires seem to stir deep within and seek fulfillment.