Participation in Bangalore Literature Festival 2019

The year 2019 has been an inflection point, an exceptional year for Indian science fiction.

Bodhgaya Global Dialogue

She asked insightful questions on the impact of being Indian on the book and the underlying thread of violence. Made me think!

WoMEN – the fading gender binary…

As our landscape evolves, we will have to be accommodative, compassionate and inclusive, not because we are ‘women’, but because the future tide should not rise to the advantage of a select few like it did in the past.

Interesting interview

We are moving towards a huge change in human life. I don’t have doubts about it anymore. The future will arrive much faster than we want to accept or can foresee.

A good read

Ascendance relies more on philosophical evaluation rather than action-packed occasions. It has a whodunit factor that answered to the thirst for mystery.

A chat about Ascendance

When I started out I had nebulous ideas about immortality, gender dynamics and the potential of technology to transform our existence. We are moving towards a huge change in human life – I don’t have doubts about it anymore.

An enjoyable review…

It is not easy to create a new world and terminology. One require to imagine the things and then wave it with possibilities and probabilities. The author did it quite well. The book remains true to its genre.