A time to hope

Hope is a fragile emotion, but it is what gives us strength and courage as individuals and groups.

Population Prospects

The effort is to change how we think, feel and act towards age, foster the abilities of older persons, promote health, deliver integrated care and services responsive to older persons,

Struggle of the human waistline…

Tackling weight gain is not something we should pay attention to only in mid-life. From childhood itself, the need for a healthy and active lifestyle should become the norm.

Peacock Chronicles – 8

While this drama plays out, she sits there drenched, alert, awake and unmoving. The patience, dedication and love of a mother – it is unparalleled and unique.


As per research, greater inclusion of women in the digital economy brings value, both social and economic. For example, innovations coming from mixed teams are more economically valuable and have higher impact than those that only men work on.

The world is ageing

Countries at all stages of population ageing need to take forward-looking measures to adapt and innovate. Coupled with climate change, the ageing of the globe is critical. How nations respond to it will shape their destinies.

The Millets Story

The International Year of Millets will hopefully increase consumption of millets in India, and the world. This demand would have potential to generate livelihoods, increase farmers’ income and ensure food and nutritional security, not only in India but also in other parts of the world. 

Knock of the future…

So where does this march of AI into our space lead us? How is AI going to change our society? These are important questions, that have no easy answer.

Launch of Vikram S – a new era in space

Space has traditionally been the domain of sovereign nations; now there would be a need to relook at the terms of engagement with the arrival of non-sovereign players in space exploration and tourism.

Electric Vehicles – greening the planet

The increasing use of electric vehicles, and adoption circular processes in the manufacturing of these vehicles is an encouraging sign. Other industries with huge wastages could also consider embracing recycling and reuse of their goods in manufacture. Greening the planet is not only a necessity, but also a collective responsibility.