The era of space tourism…

Space tourism is a new frontier opening up; bringing with it both hope and fears.

Build up to Shri Jagannath Rath Yatra

Just an ordinary story. But it becomes extraordinary, ethereal, and almost magical when such mundane worldly affairs are attributed to the Supreme being. Why is the Divine humanized and taken through the whole maze of earthly existence, human trials and tribulations, frustrations, and elations? Behind all these rituals lies a great love story,

The empty nest story

There are myriad ways one misses a child, simply mind boggling and impossible to recount. The feeling runs deep inside – for me it defies expression.

On Our Knees

What COVID19 has done is take away all the things that did seem certain in an uncertain life. It has robbed us of the ability to plan for our lives, even in minuscule ways. 

Kaushambi – history awaits….

There are many around the world who would come to Kaushambi in droves, if they knew about it and if there were facilities to host them.