Moods of Eiffel Tower

As per Wikipedia Eiffel Tower is the most visited monument with an entrance fee in the world. An icon of Paris, as also a cultural representation of France, it is a wrought iron lattice tower built as part of the 1889 World Fair to mark the centenary of the French Revolution. Named after Gustava Eiffel, an engineer whose company built the tower.

The tower is 324 meters tall, nearly the height of an 80 plus storey building. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. The lighting of the Eiffel that happens every hour for five minutes is a recognized work of art.

These are the facts about the Eiffel Tower. What it represents to those that see it is very intimate and personal.

It has captured popular imagination and is seen in countless movies. Much like Paris it signifies love and romance. Seeing the metallic tower peeping from behind buildings or in the skyline from a tall building is somehow like seeing an old friend.

Glimpses of Eiffel while traveling around Paris reminded me of the mystique of seeing Mount Fuji from various points in Tokyo. A sighting of Mt Fuji used to be akin to a blessing in the middle of a hectic day or crowded train journey. Eiffel in its own way carries a majesty and promise that lingers long after one has left Paris.

Capturing the essence of Eiffel tower in photographs is a constant endeavor, its moods change and reflection on them can be a great way to soak in Paris.

For the entire period of January 2022, Eiffel is bedecked like a jewel in blue to celebrate the presidency of the EU for France.

Whatever the hue it is reflecting, the Eiffel Tower gives hope, wonder and joy to the onlookers.


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  1. equinoxio21 says:

    You seem to have made the most of your stay in France. Compliments.


    1. That is true. thanks for stopping by

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  2. Lov Verma says:

    Great write up, with stunning photos. One error– it is mystique. Not mystic. Please correct. Looking forward to more!


      1. Lov Verma says:

        Welcome 🤗🤗


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