Peacock Chronicle -3

Observing peacocks in cities is engrossing and enlightening.

What they see 4.0

All four of them gazed wistfully at the image of Earth that was flashing on the screen before them. It was a glorious sight – blue with its oceans and white and green patches. Humans would conquer the virus, but would they be able to conquer themselves?

A good read

Ascendance relies more on philosophical evaluation rather than action-packed occasions. It has a whodunit factor that answered to the thirst for mystery.


My target reader is 18 and up to infinity.

An interview about Ascendance

There is nothing ‘not normal’ about a sci-fi novel. It is a story set in a different setting that is all. The ingredients are all the same – characters, plot, conflict, resolution and climax. Writing a novel is an enjoyable and immersive experience, whatever be the genre.

Glimpses from launch of Ascendance

  What a fantastic book launch! Congratulations Sadhna Shanker. Terrific speech by the dynamic, articulate Kiren Rijuju. Future Prime Minister for sure! — Shobhaa De (@DeShobhaa) May 19, 2018  

Ascendance 2.0

In fact, we lived with them on Earth, and we came to Elone together. There must have been something that tied us together. I think that is also lost to us now; lost to both of us. We have never stopped to look for that bond, never questioned the roots of the animosity that plagues us today. But the knowledge that we shared an intertwined existence is still with us.

Ascendance 1.0

Imagine a world where men and women live as antagonistic species. How would they react when they learn about their shared past….

What they see

Outside it continued to snow, and millions of light years away, Earth was relegated to ‘wait and watch’.