The Mask Story

Wearing a face mask today is a sign of self interest and responsibility. A really winning combination

Open spaces and the pandemic

With no vaccine or cure currently in sight for the pandemic, physical space is the mechanism to fight, prevent, and control the spread

The pandemic of distance

This hiccup of imposed social distancing will embed in us the value and sheer joy of human interaction and togetherness. Hopefully, that would be its lasting legacy!

Inspiring a different generation

The struggle for equality is far from over. It still resonates in the pristine surroundings in the USA and in the chaotic humdrum of India. We are all a part of it, and our legacies guide and lead us.

On familiar turf

A trip to Cancun offers great sea-side experience at all inclusive hotels where you can eat all kinds of cuisine, while sipping exotic drinks. If you decide to step out and explore there are historical Mayan sites and natural beauty to explore within two to three hours of Cancun.

Remembering Aleppo

I write this memoir of Aleppo not as an obituary to that vivacious city, but as a reminder to its people and all of us. Cities like Aleppo survive, they grow back, rebuild and rebound