Never a Disconnect – Audio book – 2

Never a disconnect is the story of single parenthood, female bonding and living life on your own terms.

Responding to the future tide

Women do not have to be better than the men. They have to make distinct and better choices in leadership positions. Choices that resonate with the times, and provide a different paradigm of resolution. 

Bodhgaya Global Dialogue

She asked insightful questions on the impact of being Indian on the book and the underlying thread of violence. Made me think!

Accra – searching for the Earth’s center

Someone had mentioned on the flight to Ghana that the Prime Meridian and the Equator intersect at a spot near Accra. It is considered the centre of the earth based on imaginary lines that crisscross the globe. The idea was inexplicably fascinating; the spot exerted an incredible pull on my imagination.