An afternoon at Humayun’s Tomb

Nestled in the area of East Nizamuddin of Delhi is the magnificent tomb of Emperor Humayun, the second of the Mughal dynasty. Built by his first wife and chief consort Baga Beghum, under her supervision by Persian architects it was the first garden tomb and first to use red sandstone on a grand scale.

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On a chilly but sunny winter afternoon we decided to go there. Often the wonders that lie within touching distance are never seen because we always feel we can go there anytime! Breaking that tradition we spent a lazy afternoon mesmerized by the buildings that form a UNESCO world heritage site.

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Away from the hustle bustle of New Delhi’s traffic and crowds. the place is one to savor bygone eras. Every monument in the complex has different architecture and shapes. Long ago when the Yamuna river would have flown in its full form it would have been a sight to behold. The magnificent structures juxtaposed against a full swirling river. As we sat on the ramparts it could be easily visualized.


It gave us a nice opportunity to bond in the sylvan, dreamy surroundings with the hush of the past keeping us company.


The tomb of Isa Khan a noble in Sher Shah Suri’s court also adorns one corner of the gardens. It is different and beautiful. The Agha Khan Trust along with many institutions has restored the entire monuments and gardens in a tasteful manner.


If you want to see it in the moonlight or in the evening the site is open till 9 pm. Its a restful break for Delhi wallahs, and a must for visitors!


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    Nice description and pictures


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