Peacock Chronicle -4

The conference of peacocks and peahens has become a regular affair as winter has descended on New Delhi. They hang out in groups, and many activities take place. There are budding romances, and struggles for the top position. There is no gender bias in their struggles for the top, and the male is the one wooing the female – it is a fairly equal world!


After day long conferences and foraging for food all around, come sunset and the peacocks are done for the day. The ascent to their favorite trees is choreographed to the movement of the sun. Emerald and Runi live in the Saptparni (Scholar ) tree in our garden. They spend their nights perched in the top branches. When done for the day they have a step by step approach to their branches. From the ground to the roof and from there to their perch. Another day ends and the next one beckons….


View the YouTube channel The Peacock Stories


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  1. Lov Verma says:

    Fascinating! But there in the third last line has been misspelt. Please correct.


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