Peacock Chronicles – 6

After a particularly harsh winter in New Delhi, finally spring is in the air. Trees that were bare are sprouting green shoots, flowers are blooming in the garden and on the city roundabouts. It is the peacocks around our house that are celebrating spring unabashedly.

They are out in large numbers – they are now in mixed groups. With the peahens always outnumbering the male peacocks. Their calls and sounds reverberate around all the day.

Spring celebrations

The male peacocks are dancing with their fan open. It is a glorious sight to behold. Seeing a peacock in its full glory is uplifting and elevating.

In all its glory

The males dance with abandon, unabashedly they try to attract the peahens around. In this urban jungle one can see them dance on the roof, near the solar panels, and in the backyard.

Nature’s beauty

Dance everywhere

Sometimes I wonder how the birds know that it is the time to dance and celebrate? This integration with nature, being attuned to its rhythms and moods – we seem to be losing it. Watching these happy peacocks is a reminder……

Images courtesy Dnyaneshwar Mulay

View more on the You Tube Channel THE PEACOCK STORIES


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  1. Beautiful to watch these wonders in a Capital city

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