Peacock Chronicles -6

Two days ago a peahen with five chicks in tow walked in through the main gate. The new arrivals have made our garden their home. All day she roams around with the five little chicks scrambling behind her rummaging for food.

For us if has again become a ritual to try and spot the new arrivals first thing in the morning. We keep asking each other – Did you see them? Are all five still there?

She trains her chicks in finding food, and for life in the open urban landscape. All the time she keeps an eye on the surroundings trying to protect her kids from predators.

While we frighten away the crows that lurk around, and try and keep the cats at bay, the experience of last year prepares us for the worst. After all it is the law of nature that only the fittest survive. As of now we are engaging with the new arrivals, and praying that all five make it to adulthood !

Videos courtesy Dnyaneshwar Mulay

See more about them on our YouTube channel – The Peacock Stories


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  1. Madhulika says:

    Welcome the new arrival . The trail of chicks are too cute.
    I too pray they grow up to adulthood without falling prey to hawkish eyes.
    I bet many people will pray for their survival and protection from evil eyes
    Looking fwd to series 7

    Liked by 1 person

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