Never a disconnect – audio book

Never A disconnect is a story of yearning, longing, despair and hope. Hear it now on the Storytel App

Moods of Eiffel Tower

Eiffel in its own way carries a majesty and promise that lingers long after one has left Paris.

Getting lost

The advent of GPS technology has in a way removed the strangeness of any place. With an address keyed in, in any part of the world one can now reach the destination without getting lost. It is a blessing, but as with any other gift of technology it takes away something from our lives.

Beyond comfort zones

Sitting in the hired car, I asked the driver casually, ‘You understand Hindi or English?” In the rear view mirror, he threw a blank look at me and said a long winding sentence in Malayalam. “I do not understand Malayalam. You know where to go don’t you?” I asked. To my horror, he looked blankly…