Ladakh Unplugged

Originally posted on The Atlas Bug:
Ladakh – the word instantly paints a mesmerizing image of rugged and snow-clad Himalayas playing hide and seek with pristine water bodies and colorful monasteries on an endless horizon of clear blue skies. While for the well-versed traveler, Ladakh is a must-do, for most Indian audiences, a lot of…

Happy birthday kiddo!

We think that we look after and nurture our children, often overlooking how in their own way they do the same. They help us grow and expand in ways we never would, but for them. 

Room with a view

Standing at the glass panes is a de-stressor for me. In the expanse spread out before me I see so many things – observe new facets of the city. Traffic weaves it way in the roads below, life gushes forth everyday as people mill the streets, and birds encircle the sky.

Pietermaritzburg – a glimpse of history

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was unceremoniously thrown off the train at Pietermaritzburg in the night. The momentous journey to India’s freedom had begun on that railway station.

Of memory prisms

One realizes as the years pass that parents never go away from our lives. At happy moments, more so in sad ones, they come unbidden in thoughts. Also, as time goes by one understands them more, in a way one never did when they were around.

Lazing in the sun

Did the sun muddle my brain? Or is it important to bring contentment back into the reckoning?