Ladakh Unplugged

A tantalizing glimpse of Ladhak…

The Atlas Bug

Ladakh – the word instantly paints a mesmerizing image of rugged and snow-clad Himalayas playing hide and seek with pristine water bodies and colorful monasteries on an endless horizon of clear blue skies. While for the well-versed traveler, Ladakh is a must-do, for most Indian audiences, a lot of credit for this image goes to the Bollywood blockbuster movie ‘3 Idiots’. The flight connectivity to Leh has made this jewel of the Himalayas accessible and economical (both in terms of time and money).

Even an impromptu plan like ours for a quick four-day visit, accounted for one full day of acclimatization. As we landed in the morning, day one was (as it should be) dedicated to complete bed-rest.  In pride of our youth and presumably fit bodies we were confident of venturing out by evening. Or so was the initial plan. But nothing can prepare you for what hits you…

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