Riding a time shuttle

The visit to Provins – a little snapshot of history – was a window to the chimerical nature of time. Eras and ages exist together, and we often forget that.

Moods of Eiffel Tower

Eiffel in its own way carries a majesty and promise that lingers long after one has left Paris.

Travel once again….

The small break of three days in Dharamshala was about breathing again. Literally and metaphorically.

Ladakh Unplugged

Originally posted on The Atlas Bug:
Ladakh – the word instantly paints a mesmerizing image of rugged and snow-clad Himalayas playing hide and seek with pristine water bodies and colorful monasteries on an endless horizon of clear blue skies. While for the well-versed traveler, Ladakh is a must-do, for most Indian audiences, a lot of…

The Holy Gluttony!  

While most trips are a detox for the mind, try Amritsar to shock your system and reinvigorate the taste buds that have been dampened by standardized and cosmopolitan tastes. Could this be the new mantra for rejuvenation? Well, Amritsar will give you ample food for thought…

Shifting Sands

For me, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer came to epitomize the living cultural heritage of Marwar that straddles the past and present together with a vision for the future. These cities extol their history, culture, cuisine and people with pride and charm giving one hope for the many other regions of India to learn and emulate!   

On familiar turf

A trip to Cancun offers great sea-side experience at all inclusive hotels where you can eat all kinds of cuisine, while sipping exotic drinks. If you decide to step out and explore there are historical Mayan sites and natural beauty to explore within two to three hours of Cancun.