Riding a time shuttle

The visit to Provins – a little snapshot of history – was a window to the chimerical nature of time. Eras and ages exist together, and we often forget that.

A chat about Ascendance

When I started out I had nebulous ideas about immortality, gender dynamics and the potential of technology to transform our existence. We are moving towards a huge change in human life – I don’t have doubts about it anymore.

Remembering Aleppo

I write this memoir of Aleppo not as an obituary to that vivacious city, but as a reminder to its people and all of us. Cities like Aleppo survive, they grow back, rebuild and rebound

Gettysburg -a promise made

The promise made on that day entails a continuous battle to remain fulfilled. The battle to preserve the promise takes place across cities and continents, in different languages, in different forms, but it continues tirelessly.