Peacock Chronicles – 5

As winter fades in New Delhi, the peacocks in our garden are more visible and audible. In winter they were huddled, crouching on patches of sunlight wherever it was available. Now they are out in the open – marking their presence and territory.

The most fascinating part of the peacock day is when they all return to their perches in the evening. The ritual begins with a call to all the peacocks in the vicinity. One can actually hear the question in their calls ‘Is everybody home?’

The anwers come from all directions. It is a good night call that signals the end of day in a most haunting manner.

Everyone home?

Once they are satisfied that everyone is around their designated places – their roll call is complete, the peacocks move to their respective perches. The flight towards their perches is one of a seasoned pilot. They stall, contemplate, assess the runway, screen the destination and then take the plunge.

Its a daily ritual – this preparation for flight, and there is something so charming and breathtaking about it. Whenever we are around we stand and watch. The edgy peacock etched against a darkening sky that ultimately flies – divinity at play

Contemplative good night

Morning is a languid time for peacocks. They groom themselves, open their feathers and then observing the surroundings around them. They descend from their perch and do a small walk, before setting out to forage for the day.

The beautiful peacocks are a delight to observe everyday. They keep us company and enhance our lives.

Good Morning
The Ramp walk

View more on the You Tube Channel THE PEACOCK STORIES

Commentary by Dnyaneshwar Mulay


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  1. equinoxio21 says:

    Fascinating. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Rebecca Budd says:

    I LOVED the videos and have subscribed to your YouTube channel!


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